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Medicaid Planning and Long-Term Care

Guidance you need to walk you through Medicaid planning, preservation of your family assets and accounting for long term care costs.

Many seniors face challenges when they need to plan about going into a long-term care facility such as assisted living community or a nursing home. Unfortunately, the cost of these facilities can be in the six figures and increases every year.

Medicaid can assist those who are eligible to pay for nursing home costs. Unfortunately, Medicaid requires that seniors must pay in with their own funds before Medicaid will contribute. This in effect, wipes out family assets and leaves to the senior’s heirs very little to inherit. If you plan properly, however, you can protect your family’s assets and when the time comes qualify for Medicaid’s need-based program. Additionally, Florida residents may be eligible for certain programs such as the Florida Medicaid Long-term Care Program, Institutional Care Program and Medicaid for Aged and Disabled (MEDS-AD) Program. Our firm assists clients through this complex process by working out a financial plan for their elder years that works.

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