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Planning with Trusts

Personalized Fiduciary Agreements That Assist in Probate Avoidance While Effectively Safeguarding Assets to Protect Family Wealth and Minimize Estate Tax Consequences.

Our firm prides itself on working with clients to create efficient estate planning strategies. Often, we plan with revocable and irrevocable trusts to assist clients in controlling family wealth.

planning with trusts miami law firm attorney Polidoro LawA properly drafted Trust Agreement can offer clients an array of benefits, such as avoiding assets going through probate, protecting beneficiaries from creditors and reducing the future estate tax obligation to the grantor. Trusts are just one of the several tools that our firm uses when creating an estate plan for clients. Trusts are used in addition to a Living Will and Testament and do not replace the need for a Durable Power of Attorney and Advanced Healthcare Directives. Trusts are also used when planning for philanthropy purposes. A Charitable Trust is commonly used when the grantor/settlor intends to make large distributions to an organization that has a charitable purpose. A great aspect of planning with trusts is that they offer the grantor complete privacy. It is a common misconception that Trusts need to be recorded in Florida, however, this is simply not the case. 

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