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Miami Tax Attorney

Miami Tax Attorney Working with Taxpayers to Defend Against the Internal Revenue Service.

A Miami Tax Law Firm located in Coral Gables, Florida that regularly assists taxpayers and businesses defend themselves from the IRS.

Our Florida Tax Lawyer can assist with Tax Consulting and Tax Defense during a difficult and stressful time. We pride ourselves in offering a one on one approach where the client is in direct communication with a lawyer throughout the process. We believe in having a proactive approach when it comes to tax resolution and we will provide guidance on how to properly file your tax return, to avoid other tax liabilities in the future.

Miami Tax Attorney Polidoro Law Firm Coral Gables Florida Tax LawyerIn addition to representing taxpayers and their businesses; we frequently represent tax preparers and CPAs who need the assistance of a qualified income tax attorney. Additionally, our tax law firm can provide tax audit defense. We recommend hiring a tax attorney in the initial stages of the audit process. Once you receive a notice from the IRS you should consult with a tax professional who is conveniently located near the IRS Office in Miami.

In addition to tax defense our firm regularly advises and consults with taxpayers and their families with strategic tax advisory and tax compliance. We have experience working with both Foregin Non-Residents and U.S. Citizens with both inbound and outbound tax planning.

Tax Law Firm Providing Effective Tax Guidance and Strategic Tax Consulting

Our firm can assist with representation for IRS Audits; IRS Offers in Compromise; Innocent Spousal Relief; Installment Agreements; IRS Voluntary Disclosures; and International Tax Consulting.

Tax Counseling and Advisory Services:

  • Pre-Immigration Tax Advisory
  • U.S. Income Tax
  • Estate and Gift Tax
  • Generation Skipping (GST) Tax
  • U.S. Corporate Tax
  • U.S. Partnership Tax
  • Income Tax Rules for Trusts & Estates
  • U.S. Tax Compliance (FBAR)

When should you hire our Coral Gables tax attorney Salvatore A. Polidoro for your IRS and Florida Department of Revenue Tax Defense Problems?

It is important that you hire a licensed Tax Attorney from a Tax Law Firm as soon as you receive any IRS collection or IRS audit letter. Failure to respond effectively and timely can result in loss of appellate rights and an increase in further interest and penalties to your tax liability. 

Why Hire a Tax Attorney v. CPA?

Many Tax Preparers only deal with the preparation of tax returns and are unfamiliar with the U.S. Tax Court procedure and IRS litigation rules. IRS Tax Controversy is a complex area of the law and should be handled by one who regularly deals with tax law cases such as tax professional. In addition, clients who hire a tax attorney are protected by the attorney-client privilege, which is critical when dealing with the IRS. 

In the U.S., the Attorneyclient privilege is a legal concept that protects communications between a client and his or her attorney and keeps those communications confidential, in both civil and criminal cases. The privilege encourages open and honest communication between clients and their attorneys and can be beneficial when dealing with cases involving tax audits and cases with high tax liability.

Miami Tax Lawyer Assisting in Florida Department of Revenue Defense

Florida Department of Revenue vigorously pursues those taxpayers who fail to accurately report and pay Sales Tax and Payroll Tax. They also publicly disclose taxpayers who fail to pay their taxes to the State. This can be humiliating and worrisome. Our Florida Tax Attorney is experienced in defending clients against the FDOR with these issues. 

We also provide tax advisory and guidance on how to comply with the Florida Department of Revenue so you do not have sales tax and payroll issues in the future. Many businesses fail to collect sales tax because they are not familiar with the tax rules. They can be confusing and complicated. Many businesses sell a product mix of goods and services and the tax classifications can be difficult to assess. 

Our firm makes these difficult to understand tax rules easy, by giving our clients concise guidance. 

U.S. Tax Court

Not all tax attorneys are licensed before the U.S. Tax Court. Our licensed attorney can handle your case from initial stages such as the moment you receive a notice of deficiency or notice to audit all through the U.S. Tax Court. It is imperative that you find a knowledgeable and reputable tax attorney who can protect your rights throughout the tax litigation and tax resolution process. 

U.S. Tax Compliance

Many U.S. and Non-U.S. Taxpayers are unaware of the tax compliance rules. Our firm assists clients in preparing and filing FBARS. In addition, we advise our clients on all aspects of tax compliance such as voluntary and  mandatory disclosures.  

Our attorney, Salvatore A. Polidoro, received his L.LM in Taxation from University of Miami School of Law with a concentration in International Taxation. He has studied extensively on all aspects of international tax law such as tax transactions in Latin America and Europe. 

Miami Asset Protection

Our firm assists many clients in south Florida in protecting their assets from creditors. We use various strategies to protect assets such as Trusts, Florida Limited Liability Companies and Corporations. We advise on the benefits of owning each and the respective tax consequences. 

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