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Florida Audit Defense

Florida tax audit defense from a knowledgeable Miami Tax Attorney can make all the difference.

The State of Florida requires that individuals and businesses engaged in a qualified activity report and pay taxes, in accordance with Florida Statutes. Namely Sales Tax, Use Tax, Reemployment Tax, Discretionary Sales Surtax, Communications Services Tax, Corporate Income Tax and Property Tax.

Timing is Key

It is vital that taxpayers know about the taxes that they are required to pay. If you have recently received a form DR-840 (Notice of Intent to Audit Books and Records) from the Florida Department of Revenue, you are likely undergoing a Tax field Audit. There is no more imperative time to request the representation of an experienced Florida Tax Attorney to protect you and your family’s rights. The firm of Polidoro Law has experienced and knowledgeable representation that can assist in the tax audit process from the time you receive your tax audit letter to the time of resolution. 

Experienced Representation from a Florida Tax Attorney for Florida Sales Tax Audits and Payroll Tax Audits

The Sales Tax Audit process from the Florida Department of Revenue can be a misery for a Florida business, especially those who have failed to properly record and document transactions. Tax Auditors will likely assess penalties and interest going back as many as three (3) tax years or more, when undergoing a field audit. The tax auditor, similar to an irs agent, will examine all business transactions retroactively during the auditing periods. You will likely need an itemized compilation of each and every transaction and deduction taken in the auditing period.

In addition to the anxiety placed on the business owner, this process can also be overwhelming to your in-house bookkeeping and accounting department as they may not have the resources to itemize all deductions and spot where the issues that the Florida Department of Revenue spotted which created a Red Flag on the return. Failure to properly comply with the State will result in serious consequences that are more extensive than the initial tax liability. 

Florida Audit Relevant Facts (Florida Department of Revenue)

The Florida Department of Revenue is widely known for avidly pursuing those individuals and businesses who failed to adequately report income or sales tax. They will likely assign a local Florida Tax Auditor to review your florida business and have him or her inspect your books and records. The Florida Department of Revenue is also known for aggressively auditing tax returns that have received deductions that they were not previously entitled. If the tax goes unpaid, they will pursue many measures to ensure that they receive their taxes owed. Primarily they do this by sending a Florida Tax Warrant.

Measures the Florida Department of Revenue will take to Collect Unpaid Taxes

In addition, they will freeze corporate bank accounts which will make your business very difficult to run. They will levy and garnish bank accounts and tax refunds. They will further assess additional tax interests and penalties. Further, The FDOR is authorized by Florida Statute to publish the names of taxpayers who have unresolved tax liabilities. Therefore, your business’s name and reputation may be harmed when the tax liability becomes public information. Fortunately, The Florida Constitution, by and through the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights affords taxpayers rights and the government’s responsibility to deal fairly with taxpayers under the laws of the state.

Prior to your meeting with the Miami Tax Auditor you should seek the assistance of a qualified tax attorney in Florida to ensure that your rights are being protected. Our Miami based Tax Law Firm will guide you through your tax dispute and protect your rights. 

Florida Tax Compliance from a Florida based Tax Firm

In an effort to avoid the tax auditing nightmare; Our firm assists individuals in the process of starting up new companies in the state of Florida engaged in sales, admission, storage or rental with advice on reporting requirements and registration as well as individuals purchasing real estate. We make complex tax rules easy by providing clients with the information needed to take advantage of certain exemptions and incentives that are afforded to qualifying businesses and investors.

Our Proactive Approach

The firm handles various forms of voluntary compliance matters such as resale and exemption certificates and filing procedures for Nonprofit Organizations and Dispute Resolution from audits or tax assessments. Another key attribute that many businesses fail to establish is good record keeping habits. Especially retail businesses, which involve numerous transactions; should be accurately recorded and synced with an accounting software. Furthermore, they should use best practices when filing their taxes in tax preparation season. Using a qualified Certified Public Accountant is essential to ensuring that your business’s tax returns are being filed and monitored effectively. 

As the Florida Department of Revenue may audit your books retroactively, you should have a top-quality record keeping with backups in place. In the event that you receive a notice to audit books and records, you will be more than capable of providing the necessary information over to your tax attorney. It is imperative to seek the appropriate assistance when starting your business to avoid the many pitfalls that other businesses face when they do not know the filing requirements. Our firm will give you the knowledge needed so you are aware of the obligations imposed on you by the Florida Department of Revenue. 


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