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Experienced and knowledgeable guidance through your tax dispute resolution with the IRS from a Miami Tax Lawyer, while preserving your rights.

Hiring a Miami Tax Lawyer

Complying with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may be a difficult task if you do not have the proper representation. Our firm prides itself in providing efficient and effective tax guidance in an array of tax matters such as: IRS Tax Levy Notices, Identity Theft, IRS Tax Interest and Penalty Removal, Offer In Compromise (OIC), IRS Installment Agreement, Innocent Spouse Tax Relief, Wage and Garnishment Relief, IRS Debt Forgiveness, Trust Fund Recovery Penalty, Currently Not Collectable Status, Unfiled Tax Returns and assistance through the Tax Audit process.

Proper Tax Guidance and Tax Debt Resolution

Finding the right Tax Lawyer can be a daunting task. Polidoro Law will take on your tax burdens and explain the process to you in an easy to understand way. Our firm is able to assist and provide guidance with your tax resolution and IRS debt relief. It is important that you hire a trusted and respected tax attorney who can handle your case and give you the personalized attention that you need in a stressful time. We are experienced in dealing with both the IRS and the Florida Department of Revenue.

Getting the Tax Relief You Deserve

Most clients are troubled from the aftermath of finding a notice letter from the IRS; whether it be for a balance due or deficiency from income tax, identification of identity or a question about your return, we can help you preserve your appeal rights and minimize additional interest and penalties. Many tax relief companies claim to be tax experts but many are not qualified to give you the guidance you need and protect your rights. A Tax lawyer familiar with the IRS’s policies can assist you in protecting yourself. 

Protecting Yourself from the IRS: Know your Taxpayer Rights

Every taxpayer is afforded a set of fundamental rights that they should be familiar with when negotiating with the IRS. Taxpayers rights include the right to be informed; the right to quality service; the right to pay no more than the correct amount of tax; the right to challenge the IRS’s position and be heard; the right to appeal an IRS Decision in an independent forum; the right to finality; the right to privacy; the right to confidentiality; the right to retain representation; and the right to a fair and just tax system.

Your Right to Hire a Tax Attorney

If you are a taxpayer and received a notice from the Department of the Treasury; we can assist in advocating on your behalf, protecting yourself from the IRS, protecting your assets from the IRS and working with you in IRS Debt Forgiveness. When faced with IRS Debt you should not make the mistake of hiring a company who claims to be a tax professional or a Miami debt collection attorney. You should seek the assistance of a licensed C.P.A or a qualified Tax Attorney licensed in with a state bar and U.S. Tax Court. 

What assets can the IRS Seize?

The Collections Process can be daunting to say the least. Your tax problem can be overwhelming. The IRS or your state tax authority can seize most if not all your assets, including bank accounts, wages, and assets such as your tangible personal property. The IRS can do this in many forms such as wage garnishment, bank levy and even assess tax liens. 

IRS Wage Garnishment

This collection vehicle from the IRS is one of the several ways that they can gain access to your assets. The IRS will contact your employer and they will request from them a portion of your check. Your employer will be required by law to send your pay to the IRS before it hits your bank account. The IRS will continue to collect through wage garnishment until your tax liability is paid in full. Our firm is experienced and diligent in providing competent tax relief and lifting garnishments.

IRS Bank Levy

A Federal Bank Levy works similar to a garnishment in the sense that the IRS can gain access to your assets such as accounts held at financial institutions and withdraw all the funds and apply it to your outstanding tax liability. The IRS can also levy your other assets such as any interest in real estate and in vehicles. 

IRS Tax Lien Removal

IRS Tax liens are another tool that the IRS uses to retrieve your tax liability. The Tax Lien will prevent you from any right you had to convey or encumber your property. In other words, you will not be able to sell or take out a mortgage on your property. Our firm prides itself on lifting these liens on your property so you may be able to enjoy your beneficial right of ownership. 

IRS Debt Collection and Monthly Installment Plans

If you can not afford to pay your tax liability in full you may be eligible to pay in monthly installments or get an agreement to pay with a lump sum in order to get your obligation up to date. In addition, our tax professionals can assist with Penalty abatements and Interest fees waivers for those who qualify.

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